Friday Art Show from Art Central 2017

1.  Afonso Tostes, Fogo Mensageire, 2016


A Quick Look at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

1.  Michel Perez Pollo, Hermitano, 2017


Finding the Right Look for Spring

A trench coat may be a timeless classic but when everyone starts wearing one I begin to crave something different. That's where Smythe comes in. With their silhouette hugging jackets they seem like a perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe. I find them stylish and extremely flattering especially since they cinch in your waistline just where you need it most. Their latest season has several to choose from along with a few other pieces that I thought I'd add into the mix. If you don't want to pay full price, and I don't blame you, you may be able to find something similar at designer resale sites such as Tradesy where there are more and more options to choose from. It certainly never hurts to look.



40 Reasons Not To Have Children

This is not a new book but one that only recently fell into my lap and what a delightful and ultimately depressing read. If you enjoy brutal honesty then you'll appreciate Corinne Maier's not-so-tender insights on the pains of motherhood and the most common consequences of choosing such a role. Weight gain, droopy breasts, and stretch marks, and these are just the beginning. Although not everyone suffers in this same way, it is certainly enough to make you ponder why having kids is on everyone's to do list. The author laments that she regrets having children for if it were not for their presence she could have spent the money from her book sales traveling the world. But then you can't travel the world forever and besides, without them she would have never written the book. While the book reads like a worst of the worst case scenario it's a lot of angst in one really short book. I'm not sure it's entirely convincing. But if you are child-free, then you may revel in its humour and thank life that you do not have a ball and chain just yet.  


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The Right Bikini is Waiting for You

As we celebrate more flurries here in Canada I can only think of one thing: vacation. This winter has lasted long enough, but then every year seems the same especially at this time of the year. No matter how long you have been living here one never truly gets used to the winter weather. Not even a Canada Goose coat can make you feel better. Although some people try this very technique. I'm now convinced that a beach getaway is the only effective solution. Which brings me to the topic of bikinis. While I may own a classic blue and white Toile de Jouy two-piece I wouldn't mind a replacement. So far, I've come up with this list. If you're booking a vacation, have a look, you just may find something too:

1.  Amir Slamin - Farfetch


Now Exploring...Big Flavors From a Small Kitchen

Big Flavors is a deliciously beautiful cookbook full of interesting food combinations that look like works of art on each consecutive page. Focused on achieving balance through taste and texture, chef Chris Honor achieves something quite delectable here. The soup section is pretty good especially if you're looking for a quick, hearty meal with Eastern European influences. Overall, the recipes are neither too complicated nor super easy either. A little effort will be required, especially in finding certain ingredients like white poppy seeds, which the author uses quite generously throughout (I have yet to see these in a store). The cakes section is probably the simplest of all which is quite welcoming and encouraging. I always judge a restaurant and cookbook by its dessert and Big Flavors has enough to please. The lemon, basil, yogurt cake as well as the Guinness, date, chocolate cake both look delicious. And for the health-obsessed there is a chocolate wonder that is vegan and gluten-free and looks amazing. If only one could decide which to start with.


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The Best Alternative to Coffee

Ever since I discovered fresh organic turmeric hiding in my local grocery store I've been using in my morning drink. The root, which reminds me a little bit of a pleated worm, is the perfect addition to your hot water and lemon start to the day. Although the root alone won't wake you up quite like a jolt of coffee, adding a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses certainly will. So, if you find caffeine wrecking havoc with your nerves, or are simply looking for an alternative, this combination is a winner. I won't list all the benefits of turmeric but there are plenty and this is a good way to incorporate it into your diet without even thinking. The bonus: you'll get 20 percent of iron and 300 mg of potassium per each tablespoon of molasses, and the vitamin C will help your body to better absorb the iron. If you are anemic this is a great natural supplement.





1 thumb-sized piece of fresh organic turmeric

juice of 1/2 lemon 

1 tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses

250 ml of hot water


Life is Not a Beauty Contest

But so often it feels that way. While you may not be able to control the number of freckles on your face you can control the strength of your body. And nothing is more empowering than taking care of your health. For that reason, I wanted to feature fitness guru Ewa Chodakowska today. Ewa is already quite well-known in her native Poland and once you have a glimpse of her Instagram and see the success of her devotees you'll see why. The dramatic before and after transformations will have you itching to try her workouts. With so many to choose from, you can be sure to pick one that's right for you. If you're not a fan of cardio then you can start with Skalpel which focuses more on toning. Or if you like Pilates mat work then there is her Secret DVD. But there are plenty of others and they offer worldwide delivery. So when gym workouts reach their peak or you still haven't found something that gives you the results you want then you may want to give her a try. She may turn out to be the only fitness expert you ever need.







If I Could Rob One Store, Colette Would Be It

Of course, I would start off with the shoes and then the clothes would follow. Naturally, I would need a truck, a big truck, but preferably an automatic. And then off I'd go. Life would be good, at least for a little while, until next season anyway. But silly thoughts aside, I really thought that my love of fashion would abate with time, but so far that hasn't happened. I've just become pickier. Lately though, it hasn't been easy to find anything unique; everyone seems to be wearing the same things. That's why Colette is a great store to visit, even if it's just online. Run by a mother-daughter team, Colette Roussaux and Sarah Andelman respectively, the store celebrates its 20th anniversary this March. Judging by the duo's philosophy it's easy to see why the store has survived so long: 

“We never take things just because we think it’s going to sell,” Ms. Andelman said. “There has to be a certain logic. It has to be different, something unto itself, that’s of high quality and that we’ve never seen before. It has to have integrity and be new. With everything that already exists out there, it’s really hard to do something new.” (NYT)

Here are some of the latest additions to the store that I quite liked:

1.  J. w. Anderson


A Miracle Product for a Swollen Face

If you have ever woken up on a Monday morning with puffy eyes and swelling all over your face then you know how irritating the rest of the day can go. You don't even want to look in the mirror; your face just doesn't look or feel right. Was it too much salt from the night before? Or just a lack of sleep? Who knows? It's never easy to isolate just one cause. Besides there could be a myriad of reasons. For weeks now, I've been dealing with this problem, where my skin has been unrecognizable, not to mention difficult to work with. Makeup and moisturizer did little to help. I was convinced that this nightmare was here to stay and I was simply just aging. So out of sheer curiosity, I decided to smear my face with organic flax oil. I had bought it a week earlier to treat my dry scalp and also to add to my diet. But I figured the omega 3's could do well on my face too. And I couldn't have been any more accurate. After applying it last night, my face felt so smooth and taut in the morning, and the complete opposite of swollen. As it is, I can't recommend it enough. Applied topically, the omega 3's do something extraordinary to the skin. The oil does give you a nice healthy glow too, if that is what you're after. I only wish I had tried this earlier. No blemishes either. So give flax oil a try and see for yourself.


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I Am Simply Loving this Living Room

I don't usually write about interiors but this room is so casual and down to earth, it's hard not to like. And the layered side tables are fantastic. Who wouldn't want to relax in here?

Belle magazine - April 2017


Aussie Oceanscapes Never Looked Better

When you're dreaming of your next vacation, look no further than these images of Australia's east coast for inspiration. Taken by aerial photographer Gabriel Scanu, with the help of a drone, the works give a whole new meaning to landscape photography. To purchase limited edition prints visit Art2Muse, prices range from $3,300 to $14,500.


Swimwear: The One Piece is Back

For some reason swimming has never been a popular activity in North America. Maybe it's too high-maintenance, I don't know. But I suppose baring your entire body is not easy. Yoga pants are much more forgiving than a swimsuit after all. It's too bad really because swimming can do wonders for your body.  And I don't mean just from swimming laps. You can exercise in the water much like you can exercise on the ground; it's just much easier. Whether its jumping kicks, lunges or all sorts of ballet exercises, all are possible in the pool. With the added benefit of resistance from the water you can get an incredible workout, all without the stress from regular weight-training. But for that you need the right swimsuit. Not all one piece bathing suits are made for exercise, some are just for the beach. But there is more and more variety out there and it's nice to compare to see what suits you best. Whatever your shape or size, designers are responding kindly.

1. Adriana Degreas - Farfetch