Weekend Links

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The Art of Buying Art Online: ArtStar

There is something to admire and appreciate about websites that do all the work for you and Artstar is just one of those sites. Even if you already have a good eye for art, you most likely do not have the time to go searching through the countless number of names and galleries that exist to find the ones you want. Luckily, Artstar's curators do all the work for you. Their team of specialists are highly skilled and erudite in different fields of art, and bring together a wealth of experience. Most importantly, these behind-the-scenes art makers know how pick artists with something clever and beautiful to offer. And much like 20x200, Artstar offers prints and originals at affordable prices (with prices for prints starting from $25 to $450). Here are just a few of my favourites.

1. Michael Schall

2. Firelei Baez

3. Liu Jin

4. Han Bing

5. Meena Hasan

6. Christina Dixcy

7. Zaria Forman

8. Tian Taiquan


The Smart Girl's Guide to Prada...

I spotted this great look in the street style section of NY Magazine this week and I was convinced it was Prada. It had to be; I had seen the trend everywhere. And who else could be credited with starting this colourful stripe trend, so simple in execution that it's hard to believe it could fetch such exhorbitant prices? Well, it turns out, many others. But I suppose Miuccia Prada can only be flattered, for her ability to create something innovative each season, is always deliberately imitated. And you can't blame anyone for trying to emulate her. After seeing this look below from fashion blogger Delmy of Fashion Bananas I wanted that same skirt for myself. Now, if only Asos still had some left.