Weekend Links

Luciles Kitchen

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Auburn University Commencement Speech 2010 (Fast Company)

Morocco taps benefits of Barbary fig oil (Independent)

Hold the steak: vegetarian recipes (Guardian)

Fashion's Better Halves (Wall Street Journal)

Art and Fashion in Dasha Zhukova's Garage (NYT)

Burning Bright: 9 Mexican salsas (Saveur)

Arming Assad (Foreign Affairs)

What China Wants (Foreign Affairs)

Deciding on a book, and How to Read It (NYT)

Anatomy of a Meltdown (New Yorker)

The symbolism of sweat pants (Financial Times)

Making their own way in the world (Financial Times)

Books about Joseph Heller (NYT)

Paris smartphone apps (David Lebovitz)

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