The Art of Buying Art Online: 20x200

Using the motto, Art for Everyone, 20x200 aims to make digital art prints the first step in acquiring an art collection. Jen Bekman the owner and creator behind this online art gallery hopes that buyers will become interested in original artwork as a result of 20x200. "Art doesn't have to be expensive to be good" are some of the words you'll notice while visiting the site and when you browse through the long list of artists (200+) you'll know you're in the right place for buying high quality art at an affordable price. While some may take issue with digital prints of original art the reality remains that many art lovers simply cannot afford expensive originals. 20x200 corrects that problem by making limited edition prints available in various sizes all of them starting at $20 each. All prints are exclusive to the gallery and are signed and dated by the artist.  Profits are split 50/50 between the artist and 20x200 and upon request, some originals may be available for sale. After sifting through the entire inventory I found these to be my favourites: 

1.  Bob O'Connor

2.   Dorthe Alstrup

3.  James Deavin

4.  Jason Burch

5.  Jeff Lewis

6.  Jennifer Sanchez

7.   Joseph O. Holmes

8.  Keith Taylor

9.  Kotama Bouabane

10.  Ky Anderson

11.  Lauren DiCioccio

12.  Matthew Tischler

13.  Michelle Arcila 

14.  Jaclyn Mednicov

15.  Michelle Muldrow

16.  Shen Wei

17.  Valerie Roybal

18.  Kent Rogowski