Doodles as Art: Maja Djordjevic

Who ever said doodles couldn't qualify as art. Well, let Maja Djordjevic show you the way. Playful and humorous, Maja Djordjevic's digital art oozes the sort of youthful spirit that would make just about anyone want to be an artist. Such is the restless quality of her work. Her recent collection entitled, Now I know you and I really love you, at Dio Horia in Mykonos showcases her impressions of the Greek island prior to her residency and following her stay there. Added to the collection is some bonus work from her website.



My New Ride...and A Good Read

Photography by Luo Don - Galerie Laure Roynette, Paris
I have been searching for a good read all summer and I have finally found it: The Vacationers by Emma Straub. As a novel it doesn't demand too much of your time but it is strangely satisfying. A light and easy read, it's peppered with enough humour to sustain you for the rest of the summer. Maybe even fall. If you have a short attention span like me in this hot and humid weather you probably won't be disappointed. 


A Lisbon Retreat

I found this apartment in The Address Magazine recently and I couldn't resist posting it here. It's so serene and beautiful and with a view that can only truly be appreciated with floor to ceiling windows. Who wouldn't find this relaxing?  Portugal anyone?

The Address Magazine


New Music: Ala.ni and Asaf Avidan

Rarely do I feel compelled to write about music, largely because my tastes are still stuck in the 80's, but today I just couldn't help myself. The nostalgic sounds of Ala.ni and Asaf Avidan are difficult to ignore. Great thanks to France 24 for introducing these two artists, both of whom offer a nice respite from the usual cringe-worthy poptart lyrics we're so inundated with here in North America. Ala.ni, whose new album, You and I, Spring, was released this year is as visually arresting as it is poetic. Take a look; have a listen and you will see. Here is Cherry Blossom:

If you would like some more, here is Come to Me from You and I, Summer.

Equally talented and original is Asaf Avidan whose screechy voice might make you scratch your head just a little. No, he's not a woman but you'd hardly notice unless you saw one of his videos. Check out his latest hit with Over My Head:

Here is a song from his Different Pulses album:

And finally the unauthorized Wankelmut remix of One Day/Reckoning that unwittingly brought him closer to fame. 

And then the original: