The Centre Pompidou Turns 40

The brainchild of former French president Georges Pompidou the centre is now a cultural mecca in Paris that attracts over three million visitors a year. If you've been to Paris you know it's a building that is hard to miss. Not surprisingly, as interest in art continues to increase, attendance here is growing too and by extension, the Centre Pompidou is now expanding to other cities. Currently, it has over 100,000+ works of art on view and this year it is celebrating its anniversary by holding exhibitions throughout 40 cities in France. It is also holding a special exhibition of Cy Twombly's work until April 24 of this year.


Highlights from the London Art Fair 2017

Sometimes art is so fitting...


My Favourite Vegetarian Recipe: Eggplant Involtini

I'm not into food trends but it's hard not to be influenced by what you read. And it seems like everyone is going vegan. I couldn't never do it though; it's too restrictive. I used to be a vegetarian in high school, but I quit, a long time ago and I would never go back. Truthfully, I can't even imagine a day without meat (or a life without sashimi). I love vegetables though and somehow this vegetarian dish really stands out. It's perfect on its own; no need for prosciutto. Taken from Nigella Lawson's cookbook, Nigella Bites, I think it will win over anyone, even those who think they don't like eggplant. It may not be the easiest to prepare (too many steps) but it's well worth the effort if you are willing.


Art doesn't have to be expensive...

At Artfully Walls you can find something in every price range and in a variety of styles to choose from. It's art made easier, but still carefully selected to ensure quality. With prices starting below $20 there is no reason to suffer from bare-wall syndrome. After all, being surrounded by beauty through art can be just as rewarding as being surrounded by nature. It's can both inspire and relax the mind. Here are just some of my favourite works:

1.  Anna See


Art from San Francisco

As if there aren't enough reasons to visit San Francisco. Art is certainly one of them and there are several art fairs worth a visit here. No matter how much artwork you have looked at, you are bound to find something different at each one. Here I've compiled some works from the FOG Design + Art and Untitled shows that just passed. Maybe it'll inspire a visit next year. I know I definitely would like to go. You can view more here.

1.  Davide Balliano


What's new at 20x200?

It's been a while since I first visited 20x200 and featured artwork from their site.  I was curious to see what new talent had joined. Some prints that were in my previous post are still available, which is nice, but there's definitely new work that piqued my interest.

1.  Radar by Aili Schmeltz


This chair is a work of art

I don't usually get excited about furniture but this Petal Chair designed by architect Gulla Jonsdottir is really something else. Originally from Iceland, the designer studied at the Southern California Institute of Architecture before permanently settling down in L.A.

"Petal Chair, 2013" Wexler Gallery