Art from San Francisco

As if there aren't enough reasons to visit San Francisco. Art is certainly one of them and there are several art fairs worth a visit here. No matter how much artwork you have looked at, you are bound to find something different at each one. Here I've compiled some works from the FOG Design + Art and Untitled shows that just passed. Maybe it'll inspire a visit next year. I know I definitely would like to go. You can view more here.

1.  Davide Balliano

2.  Brian Willis

3.  Calle Segelberg

4.  Daniel Crews-Chubb

5.  Etore Spalletti

6.  Gio Ponti Paolo de Poli

7.  Gisela Insuaste

8.  Kristina Riska

9.  Lawrence Halprin

10.  Lynn Aldrich

11.  Morten Lobner Espersen

12.  Nicole Wittenberg

13.  Ori Gersht

14.  Richard Long

15.  Sebastian Errazuriz

16.  Studio Drift

17.  Terry Winters

18.  Thomas Wachholz

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