Still Waiting for Spring

When it comes to fashion I like classic lines and feminine details. Nothing over the top trendy. Clothing is supposed to flatter your shape not constrict it to suit every trend. If you don't get the foundation right you're going to waste your time and money every season. With that said, there's no harm in looking at designer goods for inspiration. You can always find similar items at a fraction of the price, buy used, or even add your own handmade touches if you're so inclined. The most important elements are the cut and the fabric. If you get that right your look will seem effortless and your style will be timeless.

1.  Givenchy Black Cashmere and silk top available at Montaigne Market


A Look Back at Art Brussels 2016

Art Brussels had a little something for everyone. I wouldn't want to categorize the collection as anything specific except to say it was a pretty strong showing overall. I suspect that is precisely what was intended. I especially liked the works below which I think reflect the depth and quality of the fair. What more could you want?

1.  Armen Eloyan, Untitled, 2015, Timothy Taylor


Art Cologne 2016

Art Cologne was a mix of fun and humour, somewhat odd and cryptic but with bits of beauty peppered in between. Sometimes the smaller art fairs can be full of surprises:

1.  Grace Weaver, the tall girlfriend, 2016, Soy Capitan


Welcome to Milan

Here is some more great art, this time from Milan's contemporary art fair: miart 2016.

1.  Ecaterina Vrana, The Kiss, 2015, Nicodim Gallery


The Photography Show by AIPAD

Photography has never really achieved the same kind of status as painting. The art form may have more impact on the viewer but its technical nature makes it easy to dismiss. We take it for granted precisely because we know that anyone with access to a camera can eventually learn to take an arresting image. There is no mystery behind the process, only the subject matters. You can find beauty anywhere, so long as you have access to the right environment. Still, it's worthwhile to compare the ways in which photographers differentiate. Looking at these images below you can see how they highlight contrasting elements, they may even linger in your mind, but probably for not long enough.

1.  Andrew Borowiec, Little America, Whyoming, 2014, Lee Marks Fine Art


Sporty Shoes for Spring and Summer

Finding a pair of comfortable sneakers is just not as easy as one would think. It took me months before I could find a pair of New Balance shoes I actually liked. Their colour combinations are not what they used to be, even their comfort level has changed; the materials seem stiffer somehow. Although the sportswear market couldn't be more saturated, I still find it nearly impossible to find anything decent in the shoe department. Ordering online offers one solution, so long as you don't mind the onerous task of having to return a pair because of poor fit. In my mind, the best kind of sneakers are ones that are versatile. They should be casual enough for everyday walking but also good enough for taking you to and from the gym and everything in between. I like these ones below:

1.  Balenciaga Mixed Media Sneaker Nordstrom