The Photography Show by AIPAD

Photography has never really achieved the same kind of status as painting. The art form may have more impact on the viewer but its technical nature makes it easy to dismiss. We take it for granted precisely because we know that anyone with access to a camera can eventually learn to take an arresting image. There is no mystery behind the process, only the subject matters. You can find beauty anywhere, so long as you have access to the right environment. Still, it's worthwhile to compare the ways in which photographers differentiate. Looking at these images below you can see how they highlight contrasting elements, they may even linger in your mind, but probably for not long enough.

1.  Andrew Borowiec, Little America, Whyoming, 2014, Lee Marks Fine Art

2.  Arthur Elgort, Romance Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Atelier, House and Garden Magazine, 1988, Staley Wise Gallery

3.  Edward Burtynsky, Dryland Farming 2, Monegros County, Aragon, Spain, 2010, Von Lintel Gallery

4.  Edward Weston, Pepper 30P, 1927, Weston Gallery

5.  Jerome Liebling, Butterfly Boy, 1949, Steven Kasher Gallery

6.  Kurt Markus, Esprit, Montana, 1991, Verve Gallery of Photography

7.  Kurt Markus, Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1988, Staley Wise Gallery

8.  Larry Towell, Dust Storm, Durango Colony, Durango, Mexico, 1994, Stephen Bulger Gallery

9.  Maggie Taylor, Anything but a regular bee, 2016, Verve Gallery of Photography

10.  Marianna Rothen, Cowboy 3, 2015, Steven Kasher Gallery

11.  Maroesjka Lavigne, White Rhino, Namibia, 2015, Robert Mann Gallery

12.  Robert Doisneau, Les Freres, 1934, Staley Wise Gallery

13.  Steve Schapiro, Stop Police Killings, Selma March, 1965, 1965, Monroe Gallery of Photography

14.  Tamas Dezso, Sitting Bear near Zarnesti, Robert Koch Gallery

15.  Ysabel Lemay, Eve, 2015, Catherine Edelman

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