Interview with Photographer Lee Oliveira

Brazilian-born and Sydney-based street style photographer Lee Oliveira has proven how quickly great talent and hard work can be recognized in the blogging world. Since starting his blog in May 13, 2010 Lee has traveled the world in search of great style and stylish people and now can proudly call Gucci a supporter. Since June 2011, he has been collaborating with the Italian brand as their official street style photographer by providing shots of people dressed in Gucci from around the globe. Clearly, his work is testament to the growing interest not only in street style blogging but the regular people who prove that true style is often found on the way to work and not just on the runway.

When you look at Lee's work you can see how street style photography is as much about the art of photography as it is about fashion. Lee's images are not only beautiful because they're spirited, youthful and stylish but also because they capture a spontaneous moment in time that may have been missed by all of those who love fashion so much. If you look closely you'll see exactly why Gucci has selected him to collaborate with. Lee's work exhudes the energy that engages fashion on every level. No details are ever missed because his eye and good taste can spot beauty everywhere. We can only wonder what Lee will have in store for us next year. Until then, enjoy this interview and selected pics and most of all make sure to visit LeeOliveira.comHappy New Year everyone!!!

1. What was your life was like in Brazil before you began blogging?
Ah... Brazil! I worked really hard when I was a teenager. I use to sell homemade custard bread on the streets of my hometown. Later I use to sell newspapers. As an adult I moved to a bigger city a few hours from my hometown and then finally moved to London.

2. What made you move to Australia?
Well, I met my other half in London quite a few years ago. The question was... he moves to London or I move to Sydney, now after 8 years, I call Australia home.  

3. When you travel do you have an idea of where you’re going to photograph or is it spontaneous?
I have a schedule of places I need to be and shows I get invited too. Fashion month is always on my calendar. I am also constantly with my camera to catch those random shots.

4. Which city impresses you the most in terms of style and why?
Two cities, Milan for style and Paris for fashion.

5. Are there any places that you’re still dying to explore?
Sao Paulo I know, but I would like to experience it during Fashion Week.

6. You’re surrounded by fashion, are there any designers that you wish more people would know about?
Yes, Australia designers Dion Lee, Alex Perry and Aurelio Costarella

7. Besides your camera, what are some things you can’t live without?
Shoes, lots of shoes, (hahaha).

8. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
I don't normally have too many days off. When I do, I like to catch up with my friends... you know... movies, popcorn! I try to disconnect myself from fashion for a short time.

9. If you could shoot an advertising campaign for any designer who would it be and why?
Gucci. I love this classic brand. The attitude of the models is exactly what I hope to find on the streets.

10. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Have the best relationship with yourself! ... and... Dream! Never stop dreaming!

11. When it comes to your blog and photography what are you most proud of?
I am thankful to have an incredible amount of readers that I inspire on a daily basis. This is priceless for me.

12. What projects are you hoping to work on next? What projects are you hoping to work on next?
2012 will take me to a whole different level, exciting but can't talk about it at the moment” haha. I have few big things in the pipeline.