A Peek at Magda Butrym Fashion

When the New York Times features your collection it's always a big deal but it is especially so when your label is barely two years old. With that in mind, Polish designer Magda Butrym has much to smile about. Already dubbed as a designer to watch, her clothes have been spotted on several celebrities and models recently. While her quick success may appear out of the blue, the designer did spend several years honing her skills at La Mania before starting her own label. Currently, the line is available at retailers across the globe, but for now the designer plans to continue working in her native land.



A Short Escape to Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

1.  Despina Stokou, Recently Used 8974, 2015, Galerie Eigen + Art


Exploring the Art of Asia at Art Central

If you have ever wondered about the contemporary art scene in Asia then the Art Central fair being held in Hong Kong this month is a good introduction. For many, art from this region continues to remain a mystery, with only a few artists having gone on to become well-known on the international stage. Although it would seem that Asia has a lot of catching up to do, it is certainly making a splash. Arguably, perhaps it is the West that has yet to fully grasp the strength of this emerging region. Whatever the answer, and whatever your expectations, you are likely to find yourself pleasantly surprised.

1.  Atsuko Tanaka, Untitled, 1986, Parkview Art Hong Kong


Highlights from the Armory Show

In case you can't get enough of art here are some highlights from the Armory Show:

1.  Lucia Koch, La temperatura del aire, 2015, Galeria Nara Roesler


Finding Emerging Artists at Pulse New York

If you are interested in starting an art collection then looking at up and coming artists at contemporary art fairs like Pulse New York is a good idea. You are more likely to find works at a decent price which actually have a chance of appreciating in value than you may at an art gallery. The reason is that many of the artists profiled are already showing potential. These artists are also more likely to be on a critic's radar. And if critics are not writing about an artist they are less likely to be successful. But being represented by a well-known gallery is also a factor to consider. For artists who already have achieved some acclaim it may be easier to obtain their works on paper, or their drawings, which are always more affordable. Whichever way you begin, it is well worth the effort. If you're lucky, you may well end up with someone whose work outperforms their contemporaries. The key is to expose yourself to as much work as possible then you will get better at assessing an artwork's value. You never know who is going to be the next big thing. And while there is no guarantee of success, any international exposure is always a good thing. So, with that, here are my highlights from this year's show, enjoy.

1.  Vicki Sher, Drafting Film #4, 2015, Uprise Art

2.  Tom Leighton, The Capitol I, 2016, Cynthia Corbett Gallery

3.  Hiba Schahbaz, The Guard, 2014, Thierry Goldberg Gallery