Exploring the Art of Asia at Art Central

If you have ever wondered about the contemporary art scene in Asia then the Art Central fair being held in Hong Kong this month is a good introduction. For many, art from this region continues to remain a mystery, with only a few artists having gone on to become well-known on the international stage. Although it would seem that Asia has a lot of catching up to do, it is certainly making a splash. Arguably, perhaps it is the West that has yet to fully grasp the strength of this emerging region. Whatever the answer, and whatever your expectations, you are likely to find yourself pleasantly surprised.

1.  Atsuko Tanaka, Untitled, 1986, Parkview Art Hong Kong

2.  Changmin Lee, Pandabaum, 2016, UNC Gallery

3.  Chisato Tanaka, Calmly Resting Deep Forest, 2016

4.  Chou Ching-Hui, Animal Farm #7, La Galerie Paris 1839

5.  Claire Lee, Body Under Pressure I, 2014, Mur Nomade

6.  Desire Obtain Cherish, Designer Drugs Single Pack HERMES, 2013, Bluerider Art

7.  Donglai Guo, Anonymous black, 2015, Galerie Liusa Wang

8.  Eran Shakine, Untitled, 2015, Zemack Contemporary Art

9.   Lo Ch'ing, Dreams is an Invisible Glider, 2015, Michael Goedhuis

10.  Kansuke Yamamoto, Reminiscence, 2015, Amanasalto

11.  Kate MccGwire, Swell, 2015, Galerie Huit

12.  Kazuo Shiraga, Work, Parkview Art Hong Kong

13.  Koo Bohnchange, White Vessels, 2015, Amanasalto

14.  Kwang-Ho Lee, Cactus No.95, 2015, Johyun Gallery

15.  Kyungsoo Byun, Sweet Fatty, 2015

16.  Lyndi Sales, Dendrite II, M Contemporary

17.  Marco Godinho, Le mond nomade #1, 2006, Sapar Contemporary

18.  Nobuyoshi Araki, Erotos 2013 #02, 1993, Amanasalto

19.  Piet Van Den Boog, The Scientist, 2015, Zemack Contemporary Art

20.  Shih Yung Chun, Botany.F - Photosynthesise, 2016, Art Experience Gallery

21.  Steve McCurry, Dust Storm, Rajasthan, India, Sundaram Tagore Gallery

22.  Sun-Tae Yoo, The Words-Painting in the Painting, 2016, Gana Art

23.  Wanda Bernardino, Sisters, 2015, Bo.Lee Gallery

24.  Wang Xingwei, Untitled, 2015, Ren Space

25.  Peter Keizer, Queen of woods, 2015, K + Y Gallery

26.  Hwang Sae-Jin, Want to be, 2015, Redsea Gallery

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