Why Art in New York is Never Boring

Judging by the number of sold signs at Frieze New York, the art market is likely in better shape than anticipated. But then again, this is New York not Boston. Well-known artists sell regardless of the economy and slower sales can offer one of the best opportunities to buy. At peak times, acquiring certain works may not be as easily available. When others hesitate, taking a risk can pay off big time. It's not easy predicting trends, but if you do your homework and watch for consistency you may come out ahead of those who wait for all the right indicators. Ultimately, if you buy something you love, you'll win anyway.

1.  Jeppe Hein, This is All You Need, 2015, Galleri Nicolai Wallner


Art New York 2016

Art New York may be in its embryonic stages but that doesn't mean its featured artists were too, unless you count actor Adrien Brody who was also included. But then again who knew that he could paint anyway? Luckily his fame didn't distract from the rest of the show which was really quite good. Maybe there will be more in store next year.

1.  Adrien Brody, Impressionist Fish, 2016