Art New York 2016

Art New York may be in its embryonic stages but that doesn't mean its featured artists were too, unless you count actor Adrien Brody who was also included. But then again who knew that he could paint anyway? Luckily his fame didn't distract from the rest of the show which was really quite good. Maybe there will be more in store next year.

1.  Adrien Brody, Impressionist Fish, 2016

2.  Alireza Varzandeh, Parkplatz V, 2016, Galerie Barbara Von Stechow

3.  Antonio Murado, Untitle, 2015, Alvaro Alcazar

4.  Bobbie Burgers, Riches 4, 2016, Galerie De Bellefeuille

5.  Carlos Alarcon, Distraction No. 27, Beatriz Esguerra Art

6.  David Hollier, Brrrring x 108, 2016, Studio 26 Gallery

7.  Elise Ansel, Study II for Green Parasol, after Goya, 2015, Cynthia Corbett Gallery

8.  Eric Fischl, Untitled, 2015, Hexton Gallery

9.  Hunt Slonem, Untitled, Galerie De Bellefeuille

10.  Jason Martin, Untitled, Ultra Blue, 2014, Moxografia

11.  Joshua Jensen Nagle, Sunbathers of Cefalu, 2015, Galerie De Bellefeuille

12.  Jurgen Jansen, Prime of Life, II, 2014, Jankossen Contemporary

13.  Kim Keever, Abstract 6196, 2013, Waterhouse & Dodd

14.  Kobi Assaf, Still Life Sunset in My House, 2015, Zemack Contemporary Art

15.  Luuk De Haan, big nothing 8, 2013, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

16.  Lynn McCarty, Telltale, 2014, Nancy Hoffman Gallery

17.  Malcolm T. Liepke, Bedside, 2016, Nikola Rukaj Gallery

18.  Michele Dragonetti, Black and Green, 2015, Studio 26 Gallery

19.  Nathalie Boissonnault, Pilier du nouveau monde, 2016, Arteria

20.  Sally Egbert, Three Yellow Flowers, 2015, Goya Contemporary Goya Girl Press

21.  Shayne Dark, Cascading Red, 2013, Nikola Rukaj Gallery

22.  Stefano Bombardieri, Marta e l'elefante, Mark Hachem Gallery

23.  Yuroz, Reclining Woman in Red, 2015, Moso Art Gallery

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