The whimsical art of Laura Owens

If I were to invest in art I would buy one of Laura Owens' paintings. Her art is consistently good and well-received by critics. Best of all, it's a pleasure to look at. Considering her age, she appears to have a promising career ahead. She is a finalist for the Hugo Boss Prize this year and she was the winner of the Robert De Niro Sr. prize in 2015.



Weekend Links


Feeling Artsy in Rotterdam

 A little something for the weekend, with love from Art Rotterdam 2016.

1.  Axel Koschier, Untitled 2015, Leslie


A Greener Paris in the future

By 2020 the City of Light is poised to looked remarkably different. Think green, greener and then some more green. As part of a competition entitled "Reinventing Paris," 23 spaces in Paris have been earmarked to undergo an environmentally friendly transformation. With trees protruding from every crevice of each selected building there is little to dislike about this effort. If only the endeavor could spark a contagion then we could all absorb the benefit. For more info see Pavillon de L'Arsenal. Source: France 24.



Yoga or Pilates...which do you choose?

Taking a break from art for a minute I thought I would do a little comparison of two fitness options many women choose to incorporate into their lifestyle: yoga and Pilates. Seeing as it's February, the month when most New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside and the sea of gym goers starts to decline I wondered how many have actually continued to go. If you've chosen to incorporate either of these two into your routine, you may have questioned which is better for your body. In which case, you are not alone. Truthfully, you're unlikely to lose weight from either one of them. But doing them is still worth it.