Weekend Links

"Building wealth means ignoring what others are doing, which may be more challenging today than in the 1990's." (Marketwatch).

"Why the Arabs don't want us in Syria." From Politico Europe.

When all else fails, heal your gut: "How to make yoghurt." (NYT)

Do we really need any more beauty treatments? Best face oils of 2016.

Are women really worse with money? Yes, yes they are.

If you can't save a dollar, blame your personality.

Is this really the ultimate portfolio?

If you can't handle squats, this is for you.

With the low ruble there's never been a better time to visit Russia.

Cruises for people who hate cruises.

The market is down, but let's wait and pay more later.

A late Valentine's Day feature from Artsy: Love in Art.

Coco Chanel: "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Best fragrances of 2016.

Start small and see big results. How else are you supposed to get everything done in life?

How the Chinese are shopping.

Pistachio meringue cake that looks delicious.

The 2016 Armory Show is coming soon. And so is Pulse New York.

It's never too late to learn about the economy.

Melania Trump as First Lady. Is this really happening?

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

If you've never made a Panna Cotta.

Best Dubai restaurants.

How did Britain get so fat?

Coconut-date bars.

5 Great cities for art lovers.

An Easy Fix for Vertigo.

How Exercise May Lower Cancer Risk.

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