Sporty Shoes for Spring and Summer

Finding a pair of comfortable sneakers is just not as easy as one would think. It took me months before I could find a pair of New Balance shoes I actually liked. Their colour combinations are not what they used to be, even their comfort level has changed; the materials seem stiffer somehow. Although the sportswear market couldn't be more saturated, I still find it nearly impossible to find anything decent in the shoe department. Ordering online offers one solution, so long as you don't mind the onerous task of having to return a pair because of poor fit. In my mind, the best kind of sneakers are ones that are versatile. They should be casual enough for everyday walking but also good enough for taking you to and from the gym and everything in between. I like these ones below:

1.  Balenciaga Mixed Media Sneaker Nordstrom

2.  New Balance 574 from newbalance.com

3.  Adidas Ultra Boost Stella McCartney - Saks

4.  Loeffler Randall Rio Floral Sneakers - Saks

5.  New Balance - Gravity Pope 

6.  New Balance 410 - Anthropologie

7.  Loeffler Randall Rio Laser Cut Sneakers - Saks

8.   Nike Internationalist from Farfetch

9.   Valentino Lamour Sneakers - Saks

10.  New Balance 565 from Softmoc

11.   On Shoes Cloud Running Shoe - Nordstrom

12.   Kenzo Tiger Pring - Neiman Marcus 

13.  Adidas by Stella McCartney CC Sonic running shoes - Farfetch

14.  Camper Peu Circuit - Gravity Pope

15.  Derek Lam 10 Crosby Jordie Mocassin Sneakers - Saks

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