A Look Back at Art Brussels 2016

Art Brussels had a little something for everyone. I wouldn't want to categorize the collection as anything specific except to say it was a pretty strong showing overall. I suspect that is precisely what was intended. I especially liked the works below which I think reflect the depth and quality of the fair. What more could you want?

1.  Armen Eloyan, Untitled, 2015, Timothy Taylor

2.  David Nash, Red Tree, 2015, Galerie Lelong

3.  Enrique Martinez Celaya, The Prince, 2015, Parafin

4.  Anoek Steketee, Musambira 4, 2014, Flatland Gallery

5.  Eugenio Merino, Suelo enemigo, 2016, ADN

6.  Gareth Nyandoro, We dem boyz, 2015, Tiwani Contemporary

7.  Gordon Parks, Untitled, Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956, Jenkins Johnson Gallery

8.  Jane Hammond, Results of a Search, 2015, Galerie Lelong

9.  Jose Maria Sicilia, El instante, 2015, Meessen De Clercq

10.  Karin Fisslthaler, Untitled A, 2013, Raum Mit Licht

11.  Mariah Robertson, 191, 2015, 11R

12.  Nigel Cooke, Books in Snow, 2014, Pace Gallery

13.  Roger Wagner, self appropriation series, 2015, Aeroplastics

14.  Ross Bleckner, Black Money, 2015, Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery

15.  Sarkis, de 42 a aujourd'hui, 2015, Galerie Nathalie Obadia

16.  Uwe Wittwer, Cornflower, 2015, Parafin

17.  Werner Buttner, Singing of the Insects, 2014, Marlborough

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