Art doesn't have to be expensive...

At Artfully Walls you can find something in every price range and in a variety of styles to choose from. It's art made easier, but still carefully selected to ensure quality. With prices starting below $20 there is no reason to suffer from bare-wall syndrome. After all, being surrounded by beauty through art can be just as rewarding as being surrounded by nature. It's can both inspire and relax the mind. Here are just some of my favourite works:

1.  Anna See

2.  Beth Winterburn

3.  Carolyn Damstra

4.  Catherine McDonald

5.  Christine Lindstrom

6.  Daniela Orlev

7.  Elaina Sullivan

8.  Garina Dhawarma

9.  Georgesse Gomez

10.  Georgiana Paraschiv

11.  Joanne Ho

12.  Julia di Sano

13.  Kiana Mosley

14.  Marine Dory

15.  Mira Amir

16.  Rejoice Blodorn

17.  Skye Schuchman

18.  Stacey Rajab

19.  Fernando Franco

20.  Miri Eshet

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