The Centre Pompidou Turns 40

The brainchild of former French president Georges Pompidou the centre is now a cultural mecca in Paris that attracts over three million visitors a year. If you've been to Paris you know it's a building that is hard to miss. Not surprisingly, as interest in art continues to increase, attendance here is growing too and by extension, the Centre Pompidou is now expanding to other cities. Currently, it has over 100,000+ works of art on view and this year it is celebrating its anniversary by holding exhibitions throughout 40 cities in France. It is also holding a special exhibition of Cy Twombly's work until April 24 of this year.

Curiously, the structural elements of the building, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, each hold special meaning. Each colour corresponds to a different function:

  • blue for circulating air (air conditioning)
  • yellow for circulating electricity
  • green for circulating water
  • red for circulating people (escalators and lifts). (centrepompidou.fr)

You can watch more coverage of the Pompidou Centre's birthday from France 24 here:

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