Weekend Links

Nostalgia by Prasad Raghavan

The 10,000-step myth and the real health goals you should aim for

In Paris, the Two Women who are Colette

Unlocking the Secrets of a Mediterranean Diet

Is Fashion Getting Smarter?

African migrants in Italy launch organic yoghurt, vegetable business

Advice from International Women's Day

On Joan Didion and her new book

Women in Fashion on How to Get Ahead

The Business of Hygge

Mohsin Hamid has written a new novel, Exit West

Architectural Digest undergoes a makeover

The Latest Sales at Christie's

How to Fix Your Metabolism

Best Diet for Women in their 30's

What you need to know about Botox and other treatments

20 Beet recipes

5 Art Exhibits to See in Paris

Chloe gets a new creative director

Domenico Starnone's New Novel, "Ties"

40 Stocks that Are Up 1000% Since 2009

A User's Guide to the Whitney Biennial

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