Now Exploring...Big Flavors From a Small Kitchen

Big Flavors is a deliciously beautiful cookbook full of interesting food combinations that look like works of art on each consecutive page. Focused on achieving balance through taste and texture, chef Chris Honor achieves something quite delectable here. The soup section is pretty good especially if you're looking for a quick, hearty meal with Eastern European influences. Overall, the recipes are neither too complicated nor super easy either. A little effort will be required, especially in finding certain ingredients like white poppy seeds, which the author uses quite generously throughout (I have yet to see these in a store). The cakes section is probably the simplest of all which is quite welcoming and encouraging. I always judge a restaurant and cookbook by its dessert and Big Flavors has enough to please. The lemon, basil, yogurt cake as well as the Guinness, date, chocolate cake both look delicious. And for the health-obsessed there is a chocolate wonder that is vegan and gluten-free and looks amazing. If only one could decide which to start with.

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