If I Could Rob One Store, Colette Would Be It

Of course, I would start off with the shoes and then the clothes would follow. Naturally, I would need a truck, a big truck, but preferably an automatic. And then off I'd go. Life would be good, at least for a little while, until next season anyway. But silly thoughts aside, I really thought that my love of fashion would abate with time, but so far that hasn't happened. I've just become pickier. Lately though, it hasn't been easy to find anything unique; everyone seems to be wearing the same things. That's why Colette is a great store to visit, even if it's just online. Run by a mother-daughter team, Colette Roussaux and Sarah Andelman respectively, the store celebrates its 20th anniversary this March. Judging by the duo's philosophy it's easy to see why the store has survived so long: 

“We never take things just because we think it’s going to sell,” Ms. Andelman said. “There has to be a certain logic. It has to be different, something unto itself, that’s of high quality and that we’ve never seen before. It has to have integrity and be new. With everything that already exists out there, it’s really hard to do something new.” (NYT)

Here are some of the latest additions to the store that I quite liked:

1.  J. w. Anderson

2.  Paul Andrew ellinor

3.  Gucci

4.  Solovière - Diane

5.  Grlfrnd x Jonboy - The Eva

6.  Joshua Sanders - White Pixel slippers

7.  Alaïa

8.  Paul Andrew - Lina

9.  Alaïa

10.  Tabitha Simmons

11.  Alaïa

12.  Alaïa

13.  Alaïa

14.  Alaïa

15.  Balenciaga 

16.  Tabitha Simmons

17.  Alaïa

18.  Solovière - Avril 

19.  Thom Browne

20.  Aquazzura - St. Tropez

21.  Erdem - Imari 

22.  Aquazzura - Wild Thing 50

23.  Kitty Joseph

24.  Paul Andrew

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