40 Reasons Not To Have Children

This is not a new book but one that only recently fell into my lap and what a delightful and ultimately depressing read. If you enjoy brutal honesty then you'll appreciate Corinne Maier's not-so-tender insights on the pains of motherhood and the most common consequences of choosing such a role. Weight gain, droopy breasts, and stretch marks, and these are just the beginning. Although not everyone suffers in this same way, it is certainly enough to make you ponder why having kids is on everyone's to do list. The author laments that she regrets having children for if it were not for their presence she could have spent the money from her book sales traveling the world. But then you can't travel the world forever and besides, without them she would have never written the book. While the book reads like a worst of the worst case scenario it's a lot of angst in one really short book. I'm not sure it's entirely convincing. But if you are child-free, then you may revel in its humour and thank life that you do not have a ball and chain just yet.  

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