These Shoes Have ❤ Heart ❤

It may be a little late to order these for Valentine's Day but do you really need an excuse? These hand-crafted mules and slippers hail from A. Andreassen where their design is "inspired by the woven baskets that children in Scandinavia make and fill with sweets". Using natural materials of either felt or leather they are manufactured by family-run operations in Portugal, so no sweat shops. Not only are they adorable but they look comfortable too. I wish I could have them in every colour. They make them for kids too.

1.  Elskling Leather Mule "Very Red" £140.00

2.  Elskling Leather Mule Hot Pink £140.00

3.  Elskling Leather Mule Blush £140.00

4.  Elskling Leather Mule Tan £140.00

5.  Elskling Slipper White Leather £100.00

6.  Elskling Slipper Light Grey/Dark Grey Felt £60.00

7.  Lille Elskling Girls Leather Slipper Blue £60.00

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