A Visit to Cape Town

Valentine's Day takes on a different meaning when you have a parent in the hospital. Things are no longer about you. Even if you are single, compassion seems to take over self-pity pretty quickly. But hospital visits aside, life does go on. Even though I like seeing heart-shaped things everywhere I'll be happier when they're on sale tomorrow. But that aside, I wanted to visit the art of Africa via the Cape Town Art Fair. To say the art is as varied as the continent is over-simplifying things to say the least. If emerging talent is what you are after then you'll find plenty here. It's a market full of surprises and with its contemporary art movement becoming more visible every year it's bound to attract more attention. Plus, you just never know where the next art star will come from. 

1.  Yinka Shonibare MBE, Twins V, 2015

2.  Alexia Vogel, Pool, 2016

3.  Dion Cupido, Black on black, 2012

4.  Heidi Fourie, Even on hot days, 2017

5.  Khehla Chepape Makgato, Golden Man, 2017

6.  Walter Battiss, Bird, Tree, Man, ca. 1972

7.  Sarah Biggs, Diversion deja vu Diptych, 2017

8.  Marion Boehm, Refilwe, 2016

9.  Ablade Glover, Yellow People II, 2014

10.  Kirsten Sims, So On and So Forth, 2017

11.  Diana Hyslop, Cool Bananas, 2016

12.  Tendai Mupita, Fractal Man, 2017

13.  Tony Gum, Free Da Gum II, 2016

14.  Wim Legrand, Wait for Instructions, 2017

15.  Paulo Kapela, no title, 2017

16.  Richard Mudariki, At the Art Fair, 2015

17.  Tamara James, Paternal Form III

18.  Marna Hattingh, A thing of beauty is a joy forever, 2017

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