Christie's Jewels Online Auction

I usually find the jewelry at auction houses somewhat dated, but every now and then there are some nice surprises. Even if I don't buy anything, I enjoy perusing the sites just as I enjoy going to antique stores. You never know what you may find. Plus, there is something rewarding about looking at the past through someone else's eyes and style. When you do find something unique it may be just the inspiration you need. While Christie's auctions may not be for everyone, from a creative standpoint they're worth a visit. Their Jewels Online event ends today but there will be more auctions in the future.

1.  Buccellati Malachite and Gold Brooch

2.  Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague Ring

3.  Chanel Cultured Pearl and Enamel Ring

4.  Geranium Leaf Earrings

5.  Group of Textured Gold Bangle Bracelets

6.  Cartier Trinity Band

7.  Omega Multi-Gem Enamel and Diamond Wristwatch

8.  Buccellati Diamond Set Heart Ring

9.  Marquise Diamond Ring

10.  Tiffany's Cat Sapphire and Diamond Clip Brooch

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