Highlights from ZⓢONAMACO

Held in Mexico City, the ZⓢONAMACO art fair puts the spotlight on Latin American art and more. The fair was less politically charged than expected but that may be only due to timing. Next year, ZⓢONAMACO may have something completely different on display. With 160 exhibitors to choose from, it's always difficult to narrow down your favourites but somehow it must get done. Scrolling down through 50 or 100 images is exhausting, even for art lovers. So here, I've selected a few of the works which I thought were interesting or beautiful, and some which I simply wanted to know more about. Everyone has a different approach towards the visual arts. Some people are indifferent. But what it really comes down to is whether it has some sort of impact, aesthetically or otherwise.

1.  Oda Jaune, untitled, 2016

2.  Troika, The Sum of all Possibilities (White), 2014

3.   Kiluanji Kia Henda, Objet Trouve #5, 2016

4.  Ramiro Chaves, Casa Organica Arquitecto Senosiain 01, 2016

5.  Gardar Eide Einarsson, Basic Statistics, 2016

6.  Mathias Goeritz, Taurino (caballo)

7.  Orfeo Quagliata (1)

8.  Gabriel Rosas Aleman, Cinco gotas de Rivotril debajo de la lengua, 2017

9.  Zipora Fried, The Misfits, 2016

10.  Jean Pierre Cassigneul, Profil aux Oeillets, ca. 1989

11.  Mika Rottenberg, K20, 2016

12.  Thomas Muller, Ohne Titel, 2016

13.  Nico Munuera, Boneless 3, 2016

14.  Guillermo Perez Villalta, Sin Titulo, 2014

15.  Eva Sorensen, 3 - mag - , 2008

16.  Mauricio Alejo, Falling, 2016

17.  Gimhongsok, Material, 2012

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