Weekend Links

Print by Jennifer Comstock ...

Deepa Mehta Films Rushdie's Midnight Children

20 Ways to Cook a Whole Chicken from Saveur magazine

An angry assault on Prada:  Prada's attempts to storm Chinese market hit by feminist protesters.

Tracey Emin: What you see is what I am

Interview with writer Tea Obrecht

Interview with Stephen Hawking

Inside the world of Chanel and interview with Karl Lagerfeld

Book Review by Michael Cunningham:  A Psychoanalyst Runs Amok

Cheesecake brownie recipes from The Guardian

Asian Like Me 

Why we don't love our intellectuals

US Support for Pakistan:  The Double Game

Why American Needs Immigrants

Jerry Seinfeld.com is coming soon.

I like anything about jewelry:  How to wear that Funky Necklace from the Souk

The cost of Bin Laden

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