What's so special about Canadian art?

Simply put, Canadian art deserves more recognition and Art Toronto, which kicks off today, hopes to accomplish just that. Featuring a wide array of Canadian and international artists, the fair is just a small peak into what is arguably one of the most underrated art markets around. Forever eclipsed by its southern neighbour, Canadian art has struggled to find its way on the international scene. Perhaps for far too long it has been associated with the Group of Seven. While landscape painting might still feature heavily in Canada, the majority of its artists have moved beyond that stereotype.  It is now up to the rest of the world to catch up. Nonetheless, there is plenty to celebrate at Art Toronto. one only wishes there was more than just a fraction of what's available.

1.  Bruno KurzBright Night 1, 2015, Odon Wagner Contemporary

2.  David Burdeny, Saltern Study, 03 Great Salt Lake, UT, Bau-Xi Gallery

3.  David R. Harper, Rhopos IV, 2012, MKG 127

4.  Erik Olson, Sana, 2015, Michael Gibson Gallery

5.  Fatma Shanan, Two Girls Holding Carpet, 2015, Zemack Contemporary Art

6.  Gavin Lynch, Tete Jaune with HBC Blanket, 2015, Angell Gallery

7.  Willy RamosRio de Pueblo Bello, 2015, Odon Wagner Contemporary

8.  Gideon Tomaschoff, Untitled, 2015, Julie M. Gallery

9.  Harding Meyer, Untitled, 2015, Odon Wagner Contemporary

10.  Jeremy Miranda, Shore Access, 2015, Parts Gallery

11.  Ric Santon, Fast Beige and Waiting, 2015, Parts Gallery

12.  Jota Castro, Here Comes The Rain Again, 2015, Corkin Gallery

13.  Julius Tobias, Study in White, 1960, Hollis Taggart Galleries

14.  Andre Petterson, Diary, Bau-Xi Gallery

15.  Katrin Korfmann, Madison Boogie Woogie, Bau-Xi Gallery

16.  Cori Creed, Embrace, Bau-Xi Gallery

17.  Melissa Doherty, Landscape Material (Pine) 2015, Renann Isaacs Contemporary

18.  Gershon Iskowitz, Highland Blue #1, 1977, Miriam Shiell Fine Art

19.  Michael Burges, Reverse Glass Painting No.7, 2015, Odon Wagner Contemporary

20.  Ricardo Mazal, Bhutan PF 14, Odon Wagner Contemporary

21.  Richard Storms, Curtain Wall, 2015, Birch Contemporary

22. Roberto Lombana, From the serie Amazon, 2015, Galeria Baobab

23. Tony Luciani, Down by the River, 2015, Loch Gallery

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