Elin Kling at Home in Sweden

When I first started this blog I thought I would write more about interiors but it never happened. For some reason I felt there was very little for me to add because there are so many incredible blogs out there already devoted to this field. Still though, interior design remains a huge passion of mine and if there is one area of my local bookstore that I always gravitate to it's the interiors section. I can never get enough of interior design magazines especially Australian Vogue Living which is simply my favourite. It always has such a nice mix of interiors, fashion and art. So this morning, I decided to indulge a little and feature the interior space of fellow blogger and fashion phenomenon Elin Kling.

Kling's home has the sort of white space that exudes the Swedish aesthetic.  It's simple and crisp with just the right amount of luxury and softness to still make it feel like a home and not a gallery space.  It's also completely unpretentious and instead focuses on the bare essentials without sacrificing comfort or quality.

I always appreciate a clutter-free home where accessories are kept to a minimum.  It's easier on the eyes and much more calming. And I think this must be a great place to come home to especially for a creative professional who is probably oversaturated with all things design related and all things fashion.

I initially found this home on the Norwegian blog, fine ting og sjokolade and the more I looked at it the more it grew on me.  It's a living space that, quite frankly, makes a lot of economical sense.  It's ideal in that it provides enough space for what two people could ever need but it also gives you enough room to build on. 

I'm not sure whether that's real fur on the floor or not (I would would probably choose something faux personally) but I like how it's sitting right underneath the dining room table so it can shelter your feet from the cold wooden floor.  This is not an intimidating home; instead it's casual and relaxed, and in many ways remains to be defined.

I couldn't help but add this pic of Kling's small shoe collection to show a glimpse of her sartorial tastes.  Somehow I suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg; I wonder where she keeps all the rest.  Perhaps there's another room we don't know about.  But I suppose some things should remain a mystery.

All photography by Andreas Lundberg

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