Sharing Means Caring and So Does Editing...

I feel guilty today because I promised to spend the entire weekend improving my blog. And what did I do? I organized my pantry instead. Don't ask me why but it made me feel really good. I think there's something about creating a clutter-free environment that really calms the mind.  It was a nice (and much needed) reprieve from my daily routine and I highly recommend it.  Now, I feel like I am ready to tackle my blog again.  So, if you notice changes, please be patient, I am just trying to make it better.
A cafe somewhere in Venice
In the interim, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite sites.  If you're looking for a bit of inspiration and some interesting reads these are well worth the visit.  I could not include all of them of course but if you want more please check out all of my favourite site and blog links. So, wherever you are, at home or at work, or if you're lucky enough to be sitting in a cafe like this girl above in Venice, I hope you find some quiet time for reading.

1.  Notcouture - For daily trends in fashion and design this site is fantastic.

2.  Closet Visit - Creative lady visits other creative ladies and their closets.

3.  Prospero Blog - Everything about arts and culture from The Economist magazine.

4.  Bright Bazaar - Bright and cheerful design blog from England. You'll love the layout.

5.  Daily Imprint - Great interviews with creatives from Australian blogger.

6.  Cupcakes and Cashmere - This stylish blog from L.A. has a little bit of everything.

7.  Mochatini - A lovely blog about style and interiors from Washington D.C.

8.  Elements of Style - Style and interiors with a sense of humour.

9.  High Street Cardigans - A self-styled fashion blog set in beautiful Romania.

10.  Lanalou Style Cape Town - An interesting look at design from South Africa

11.  Jollygoo - If you like all things Japanese this blog from Tokyo is for you.

12.  Lee Oliveira - Fantastic streetstyle photography from Sydney, Australia.

13.  Style Made Simple - A blog about interiors that will make you marvel.

14.  The Scent of Obsession - Beautiful fashion and style pics from Italy.

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