Pablo and His Poetry...

I am still working on my jewellery post and it's going to be a long one. In fact, I might have to publish it in installments because I don't want my blog to have a heart attack. Maybe, I will even do a slide-show, we'll see.  Anyway, since the artist interview is still not completed, I thought I would bring you some more poems from Pablo Neruda.


If you find on some road
a little boy
stealing apples
and a deaf old man
with an accordion,
remember that I am
the little boy, the apples , and the aged man.

A Citizen

Each week I become restless.
I look for aluminum clouds,
tormented screws,
bars of silent nickel,
unneeded doorknockers.
Hardware stores
know about my enthusiasm...

To My Obligations

I just work and work,
I must replace
Our faulty memory,
I must fill darkness with white bread,
I must create hope anew (...)

The Turtle

the turtle came to a halt,
remained here
and is not aware of it.
She was so old
she hardened,
she forgot about the sea and its waves
and became rigid
like a flatiron
and then fell asleep,
a boulder
among other boulders.

                                                      need      two wings
                                                   you        a violin
                                                 sky         and so many things...

The Guilty One

I declare myself guilty for not having
made, with these hands that they gave me,
a broom.
Why didn't I make a broom?
Why did they give me hands?
What good did they do me
if I only saw the murmur of the grain;
if I only had ears for the wind
and I didn't recognize the thread
of a broom,
still green in the earth

All poems are courtesy of Earth Tones: The Poetry of Pablo Neruda by Manuel Duran and Margery Safir and from NERUDA: An Intimiate Biography by Volodia Teitelboim.

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