I Know I Dreamt of a Jacket Like This Before...

Photo:  Vanessa Jackman
I just never knew it existed.  It might be from 2009 (or older?) but I don't care.  I love the detailing, the little white dots, the gold buttons and the leather mixed in with what looks like either wool or cashmere, or a mixture of both.  I've only once seen anything close to this beautiful jacket and it was a white coat with small purple polka-dots everywhere.  I eavesdropped on its owner for a very long time before I decided that I just couldn't bring myself to ask her about it.  Such a shame.

This wonderful image comes courtesy of Vanessa Jackman whose blog shows off some really amazing fashion and photography.  I found this specific pic while indulging in her archives.  I really urge you to check it out, she is like the female version of The Sartorialist and she has some great street fashion from England that I particularly like.  And to give proper credit, I would have never found it if it weren't for another pic linking to her site from It's Mary Ruffle (who has a great eye too).  According to Vanessa's blog the jacket is from Marc Jacobs.

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