The Dynamic Duo at Smythe Have Done It Again

I know, I know, everyone is blogging about New York Fashion Week, but I'm not there yet.  Quite frankly, I'm still defrosting and all I want to think about is Spring.  That's why I was rather pleased when I stopped by the Smythe website and found out that their Spring 2011 collection is every bit as summery as I had hoped. 

I find that it's always the cut of these fitted Smythe jackets that wins me over every time.  They flatter just about any body type because they really cinch your waist.  I also love the detailing on the elbows and buttons; it's adds just the right amount of contrast to this perfect shade of yellow.  And what can I say about this white jacket except that it's gorgeous.  In fact, it's so crisp that all you really need is a light scarf or some nice jewellery.

This light-weight dress reminds me of a nice cappuccino.  I just want to put it on and slip away quietly to the beach or to the park for a nice picnic or with a good book.  It looks so incredibly soft and comfortable.  

I'll leave you with a final piece from their signature look, of course, another great jacket, this one in a nice camel colour.  Now, if only someone could ship a box of these with my name on it, that would be grand.

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