New Paintings by Elliotte Puckette

It looks like the Paul Kasmin Gallery has released new works by Elliotte Puckette a day early on their website.  I have been waiting to see these for a while so I had to include them here. 

I love the new grainy background she's using.  When you zoom in the detailing looks amazing.  I have always wondered how long it actually takes her to complete one of these.    

I can't get enough of the pink ones.  I think this is easily my favourite.  Her paintings always turn out so elegant and crisp. 

I still like this older piece though in her last collection. I was hoping to see more in this style.

But it looks like it's all about texture in this exhibition.  Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.  When you're Elliotte Puckette you can make everything look good.

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