Fresh Photography Is Not Easy To Find

With everyone using Instagram it's becoming harder and harder to appreciate good photography. Everyone's a star now. The art form has become so diluted that it really takes a striking image to capture your attention. I found that to be especially true when going through the latest images at The Photography Show presented by AIPAD.  Somehow, these images stood out for me more than others, but let's see if you agree.

1.  Vik Muniz Orphan Girl at the Cemetery after Delacroix from Gordian Puzzles, 2008

2.  Ernst Haas, Lights of New York City, 1972

3.  Aida Muluneh, Local Understanding, 2016

4.  Alexander Rodchenko, Portrait of Mother, 1924

5.  Debbie Fleming Caffery, Gator Love, 1995

6.  Georg Kuttinger, Niagara 3, 2017

7.  Issei Suda, Taipei Kissyo, 1985

8.  Issei Suda, tokyo from Passing summer, 1969

9.  Josef Breitenbach, Abstraction, 1946

10.  Keith Carter, Sleeping Swan, 1995

11.  Laurent Chehere, Couscous, 2012

12.  Pentti Sammallahti, Ristisaari, Finland, 1974

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