I don't normally recommend exercise books...

Because I don't believe in them.  It's always been my theory that if you walk everywhere you'll never have to diet or exercise.  And I think the French have proven this over and over again.  And that is the real reason French women don't get fat.  They're always in constant motion plus they don't put crap in their body.

Having said that, I think this NYC Ballet Workout book has a lot to offer, and not just for weight loss although I'm sure that might be one its effects.  Rather, I like this book because it focuses on stretching which like Pilates can really elongate your body, while improving your posture and making you more flexible.

And if you have a stiff back or scoliosis like I do you'll feel a major difference in your body.  The best part is that the poses themselves are easy to remember and once they're ingrained in your memory you won't need to refer back to the book.  After a few weeks you might be surprised to discover muscles you never knew existed. What's more is that your body will start to move with the ease and grace of a ballet dancer.  And who wouldn't want that?  Try it for yourself.

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