Rotimi Fani Kayode, Untitled, 1985



Bastiaan Woudt, Torso, 2020



What's new at Saatchi Art?

Big Eyes, Eva Fialka, France

Egocentric, Ellada Ismayil, Azerbaijan

Golden Aqua, Martine Vanderspuy, Australia

Harvest, Leicestershire, England, Duncan Whiteman, Spain

image face model, GyoBeom An, South Korea

Inspires, Helio Junior, Brazil

Nude, Ksenia Datsiuk, Ukraine

On the Verge, Michelle Louis, US

Scratched Out, Robert Tillberg, US

Singularity, Newel Hunter, US

The garden of life, Fares Micue, Spain

Together, Sarah Hussein, Egypt


What's new at Saatchi Art?

Feminine Divine II, Nina Hunter, UK

 Golden City, Mariusz Makula, Poland

Great Southern Ocean, Martine Vanderspuy, Australia

Green and Red, Baldemar Fierro, US

It was Another Lifetime, Kai McCall, Canada

Klein Nymphae, Natale Adgnot, US

                                    New York dark noon III, Martin Koester, Germany

                                               Palm Trees Over Modern Home, Andy Shaw, UK

                                                       Summer Joy, Marta Zawadzka, Poland

                                                       Untitled, Kazushiro Higashi, Japan

                                         Vagrancy 5, Isabelle Schenckbecher Quint, France


Quick Picks from the Art Toronto Art Fair 2020

Moridja Kitenge Banza, Chiromancie No. 11 no3, 2020


Keiran Brennan Hinton, Sun Shower, 2020 Michael Gibson GAllery

Gathie Falk, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, 2020, Michael Gibson Gallery

Casey Roberts, Swoop, 2020

Douglas Walker, Untitled, 2020

Karen Tam, Chinoiserie Face Mask II, 2020

Luca Fortin, no25, 2020


What's new at Saatchi Art?

 Bete aquatique clitoridienne I, Felix Hemme, France

Between Sea and Sky, Hannah Adamszek, UK

Evening Colour 200905, Don Bishop, US

Fall with people and umbrella III, Kovacs Anna Brigatta, Hungary

Fire Escapism, Paul Brouns, Netherlands

If I could change what is gone, Lucca Brandi, Italy

Moni, Rediet Sisay, Ethiopia

Orange Blossom, Melissa McGill, US

Portrait, Alexander Ilichev, Russia

Shapes XLIX, Stefano Meriggi, Italy

That seventies girl, Evan Wilson, US

                                     The colours of the sky and sea, Olivier Messas, Germany

The red sailboat, sailing spirit, 2020, Olivier Messas, Germany

                                           Winter is coming, Stella Burggraaf, Netherlands