Fashion and Politics: The End and the Beginning

It's hard not to speak about one without the other today because both topics have overlapped so conveniently in the last few days. First the McQueen-clad Middleton sisters, then the death of Osama Bin Laden, last night the Costume Gala for McQueen and finally the Canadian election. Yes, we had another election here in Canada where the Conservative party has finally won the majority it needed to continue for the next four years. Of course, outside of Canada most people could care less about this event so I'll leave the rest of the details out. Personally, I think Tyler Brûlé said it best when he stated: "I tend not to follow Canadian politics that closely as my homeland is one of the most stable democracies in the world and there’s little in the way of dynamism to draw me in for a closer look."  I couldn't agree more.  Despite the shuffle it's just going to be more of the same which is exactly the way we like it here in Canada.  But moving on. The pics from the Met Gala last night were a bit disappointing considering there were so few guests actually wearing McQueen. It was hardly the tribute that a man of his incredible talent and imagination deserved.  Although there are a few honourable mentions, including Chloe Sevigny who wore a perfectly understated McQueen dress.

Another favourite belonged to Anna Wintour who chose Chanel for the evening. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was a bit surprised by the selection but what can you say, it's Anna Wintour, she can wear whatever she wants.  Regardless, that dress was simply flawless, I have to hand it to Karl Lagerfeld, everything about it was thought out to the last detail. And the colours were too flattering for words and perfectly fitting. This was a bitter-sweet event;  it saw the ending of one of the most gifted designers in fashion.  But it also cemented Alexander McQueen in history not only as the brand behind the Royal wedding but as well the name that will continue to live on despite his tragic death.

All of these festivities were easily eclipsed however by the death of Osama Bin Laden who quickly topped the news and rightly so.  After almost a decade the search and killing finally ended in Pakistan.  While some have declared the war on terror to be over that idea seems rather naive to say the least.  What's over perhaps is the name and the legacy but the extremist ideology will continue to live long.  Anyway, it is odd to write about fashion and politics in a post especially when your focus is on the arts but just because you're not a political pundit doesn't mean you can't make a rare mention.  In the future, however, my focus on politics, much like on celebrities, will remain the same, solely in the background.  This week I couldn't help myself, it was a strange circle of tragedy and triumph, of beginnings and endings, but also one of commemoration.

I was working late last night and I didn't have a chance to add this one last pic with Thandie Newton dressed in Stella McCartney.  I saved it on my other laptop and completely forgot about it until this morning.  So, if it is a little out of context and near the end of the post I'm sorry but what can I do.  I love this look, especially the variety of lace used at the top and the bottom.


  1. Doesn't mama Anna looks fabulous? She is a very beautiful person.
    lee x

  2. I agree and that dress looks great on her. After watching The September Issue I have a new found respect for her.