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I am going to continue with my Weekend Links post because I think it's a nice way of keeping an archive of interesting articles together.  I always find myself wanting to go back to things I have read so I figured why not put it all in one place.  Here are the links I came across this week that I particularly liked.  Have a great weekend everyone.

People, let's help this man find love:  Hook Chas Up.

Arianna Huffington and The New York Times, this could get ugly:  Arianna's Next Move.

Finally the book and review many have been waiting for, David Foster Wallace's The Pale King as reviewed by Michiko Kakutani:  Maximized Revenue, Minimized Existence.

I've always loved sorrel but I've never had it with fish check out this recipe from Chef Matt Dillon.

Being Larry Gagosian in The Gagosian Effect.

Because some people can't pick another book to burn: Deadly Protests for Koran Burning Reach Kandahar.

Get to know James Murdoch:  The Invisible Mogul.

Ordinary Libyans living in limbo:  Nowhere to turn.

It was only a matter of time before we heard this:  Are Fashion Bloggers Selling Out?

Diane Von Furstenberg celebrates in China:  The East is Red.

Food from the Middle East:  Lebanese Cooking:  Enjoy the theatre of the Souk

Who knew an oligarch could be so romantic:  Roman Abramovich will finance a redesign of Gorky Park.

I would like to read a book by this author:  Interview with Michael Faber.

A memoir of a chef and two interviews: Q & A with Gabrielle Hamilton and one from Intelligent Life.

Try being nicer for a change, it might actually work:  My month of no snark

Learning about mussels:  Mussels, Your go-to sustainable food.

Why the rich are as apprehensive about money as the rest of us:  Secret Fears of the Super-Rich.

Watch where street photography began:  Bill Cunningham's New York

If all else fails, make a pizza:  The Art of Roman Pizza:  Learning from Italy's Famous Baker

How to protect your reputation online:  Erasing the Digital Past

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