Journal Madness...

I am a notorious doodler and I am pretty sure that there are some librarians in my city who hate my guts. And I don't blame them. You see I have no qualms about circling words I don't know and then writing their definitions right above them, nor do I feel guilty about making notes in the margins and sometimes designing whimsical doodles on the hardcover backings.  I know it's wrong.  And yet.  I do it just because I can.  Part of me thinks that I am doing the future reader a favour and in the spirit of Bansky I hope that I'm leaving something that maybe one day someone will look at and think is art.

To abate this vandalism I have tried to focus instead on writing/doodling/drawing in my own journal books which I can victimize to my heart's content.  And in a true Doris Lessing style inspired by The Golden Notebook I had initially created four journals for different areas of my life.  Soon, I found, however, that this wasn't enough and so I doubled my efforts and now I have eight.

In case you have the same bad habits and are looking for some nice journal ideas here are some I have come up with.

1.  This is a dollar store find that I purchased for $2.  Who knew it would look so chic against my late grandmother's fur.  I just hope she is not rolling in her grave.  (By the way if you have never been to a Dollarama store in Canada you don't know what you're missing.) 

2.  The second notebook I created using a $2 notebook (again from the dollar store) which I then covered with Chiyogami paper that I ordered from The Paper Place.  Total cost $5.  Although you can't tell from this picture this paper has a nice silver/gold sheen to it.

3.  I love the pattern on this journal as it reminds me of Arabic and/or Persian writing.  And again it's designed using a dollar store notebook for $2 which I also covered with decorative paper from The Paper Place.  Total cost $5.

4.  This journal from Oh Joy is beautiful even if it is sold out.  Hopefully, Joy will restock these soon enough. Cost $13.50

 5.  As you can see I like journals from this same designer.  Again from Oh Joy this notebook has a nice silver peony pattern.  Cost $13.50.

6.  If you like a bit more colour and a smaller size journal then this one from Paper Cup Design is equally chic and simple.  Le Horse design.  Cost $16.

7.  Le Deer is another sampling from Paper Cup Design.  I love the emerald green here.  Cost $16.

8.  This is a really nice selection from Barnes & Noble for $11.95.  I like the larger size, the lime green colour, and the text.

9.  If you like the art of Ryan McGinness you'll appreciate this set of 3 notebooks from the MOMA store. Cost $18.95.

Happy Doodling Everyone.

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