How I discovered a wooden pillow

Chances are, if you work at a laptop on a regular basis (and who doesn't these days?) you will undoubtedly suffer from neck pain.  It's simply inescapable.  Laptops, are not designed with ergonomics in mind.  They're designed for convenience; we want them to be super light and tiny so as to guarantee ease of movement.  But for this convenience our bodies pay a heavy price.  How often have you seen someone struggling to type on a tiny laptop with their shoulders raised unnaturally and with their head lowered forward?  Then after a while they're twisting their neck from side to side for a much needed reprieve.

If you do this for long enough, as I have discovered, stiffness and discomfort will follow you around like annoying little step-children.  

And after a while your neck can start to make scraping sounds.  At least that's what happened to me.  Although a chiropractor might seem like the obvious solution the idea of someone cracking my neck and body just doesn't appeal to me.

I chose acupuncture instead.  This quickly followed by the purchase of a wooden pillow which my acupuncturist advised was a must.

He quickly explained that you don't sleep on it, you simply rest it under your neck and move your head from side to side while lying on the floor.  (He told me I should do this 300 times before bedtime)  Although it was painful at first, after a while I felt a great sense of relief.  Now, I highly recommend it to anyone.  And I personally think it would make a great gift for the holidays.  I purchased mine for under $40 at an Asian health food store.
When I showed it to family members and relatives one uncle suggested he could have just cut down a tree and divided it in half.  I suppose if you're feeling ambitious you can do too.

Otherwise please see an acupuncturist.

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